Smart Water Technology

Residential High Effeciency Weather StationSmart or efficient in most areas of your home usually means expensive with a long wait on ROI. Before the early 2000’s irrigation systems operated only on what the user programed and had no way of sensing the current weather or environment to help the controller manage the use of water. Rain sensors were the first of many devices to help manage water use for smaller irrigation systems. 2008 and the collapse of the housing industry helped irrigation companies change their product offerings and began to offer weather stations, Soil moisture sensors and high efficiency sprinkler heads. These products offer a lot of promise of water savings, but in the wrong hands can create more damage to the property in dry spots, wet spots and dead plants.   In the case of a new system, it is easy to install high efficient products with a good design. As far as existing systems, we first determine what the current rate of efficiency is and determine how much money is worth investing to insure that we are getting at least a 3-5 year return on the investment. Design and coverage is where we begin, once that is settled we will look at the controller and sensing devices. We believe that a solid plan will get us to our goals quicker, which is a healthy landscape utilizing the least amount of water. Let us run your system through a water saving analysis to see if we can squeeze more out of your current system.