Winterization is the single most important action in the yearly servicing of any irrigation system. Using the proper amount of compressed Air at the right volume and pressure is crucial to delivering a successful winterization. Our Air Compressors have variable control installed on board, so our technicians can make changes in the field to change the output for either a large commercial property or a residential property. This gives us the opportunity to provide a thorough winterization without harming major components of the system.

Our process is simple. First we set up a date and time which works best for you and fits our technicians routing schedule. Two days before your appointment a reminder email and or a call is given to you. When the technician arrives, they will meet with the home owner or property owner and determine the location of the water shutoff, the controller and the winterization connection. If the property is new to us, we will tag and mark any important connections and locations of key components. These items are logged into our computer database system, which makes servicing the system more efficient in the future. Technician will winterize the system. Once finished a Red Winterized Flag is placed near the blowout connection point, and the controller receives a sticker with the initials of the employee who conducted the winterization and the date it was performed.

WinterizeWe stand behind our process with a limited warrantee of all of the irrigation pipes past the point of the winterization connection. This warrantee requires that irrigation management must be involved with the inspection and repair of the damage. Warrantee is void if repair has been made prior to inspection by irrigation management.