Start up and Repairs

Many company’s provide service for irrigation systems, and charge using different mechanisms such as flat rate fees and visit fees. We believe our customers should only pay for what they use. All repair and startup billings are charged on a time and material basis. If it is felt that the project may be more then $1000, we will visit the site first and prepare a professional estimate for the project. The customer has the ability to make choices throughout the repair or project. Thresholds can be set at any dollar amount for the technician to stop and contact the property owner before moving forward. We are a service based company and our trucks are meticulously organized to service all types of irrigation systems, including Lake Pump and Drip Systems. Customers can quickly pick out our technicians by the professional uniforms they wear. Once the repairs are made the site will be cleaned up and any damaged areas of turf will be seeded immediately.

RepairEfficient QUICK SERVICE: All of our technicians are equipped with a remote control system. This system can be connected to any irrigation controller and allow the technician to step away from the controller and use a hand held unit to operate the zones of irrigation. For simple fixes such as adjusting sprinklers or fixing pipes, the technician can stand over the repair and turn it on to be sure the repair was done properly. This allows for one technician to do what used to take two technicians. This saves the customer in costly time and labor and allows our company to take on more customers effectively.